“I reach out to include others. I accept others for who they are. I am gentle with myself and others when mistakes are made.”

Brainstorm reasons why people can be excluded from a group. How many of these reasons are based on physical traits? Personality traits? Intellectual traits? Ability related? Why are some traits viewed as making someone attractive while other traits make them different? How can we change our perception so that we are more accepting of others? How has the FindingLife team sought out opportunities to exemplify acceptance in Canada? In Kenya? Around the world? Is there a way they could become more inclusive?

Create “Thumb Buddies.” Have students use an ink pad and make a thumbprint onto a piece of paper. Students then create a person out of their thumbprint by adding a head, face and limbs. Have students write their name and 3 unique things about themselves. Students can leave their Thumb Buddy on their desk while they walk around the class adding a unique positive trait to each classmate's Thumb Buddy.
As a class you can post the Thumb Buddies on a bulletin board under the heading “We accept others for who they are!”

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