“I am grateful for all that I have. I am thankful for the support that others give me. I am generous in recognizing the contributions of others.”

Needs vs. Wants
Have students privately write a list of everything their family owns. Prompt them to include clothing, home, cars, toys, electronics, appliances, etc. Have the students make another list of things owned by Kenyan students. How are the lists the same? different?
Ask students to cross out any items that are not essential to living. Have students compare the remaining items on both lists.

Provide students with an opportunity to write a reflection on this activity.
Prompt: What else do we need to live that isn’t a tangible possession? Relationships, etc?

Ways to say Thank You
After completing a fundraising activity, have students design a way to thank those that donated, participated or supported the students. Examples could include: thank you cards, inviting everyone to a presentation of the final donation to Moving Mountains, posting a video on the school website, e-cards, commemorative buttons, etc.
Ensure that students think of EVERYONE who helped along the way and not just those who contributed financially. (Ex.custodian who set up chairs, reporter who interviewed the class, parents, teachers, etc.

Alternative Activity
Download the PDF on Rights, Wants and Needs Activity Kit from UNICEF

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