“I work with others to make a peaceful community. I am willing to listen to other’s ideas and suggestions. I compromise and negotiate to solve problems and differences of opinion.”

Describe how Elia and the FindingLife team have used cooperation to make the Solio project a success. How have you cooperated with them?
Think of a time where cooperation led to great achievement in your life, with the FindingLife team, or in history. Reflect on how powerful people can be when they come together and cooperate for a common goal. Cooperation is a great solution for almost any scenario but it does not always happen. What are the barriers to cooperation at the class level, the national level and world-wide?

This game is best performed outdoors or in a large open space such as a gym. The teacher will call out “Groups of ___” and students must arrange themselves in groups of that number - Make sure to choose numbers that will fit your class evenly or provide alternatives (groups of 5 or 6). Once the groups are assembled, the teacher will tell a story about encountering an alien that has X number of hands and Y number of feet. Students have to create an alien using their bodies with X number of hands on the ground and Y number of feet on the ground. Teams will have to cooperate and communicate in order to achieve the goal.

Repeat the activity a few times and then debrief using the following questions:
What was challenging? What was easy?
What strategies did you use to get the task done?
Who were the leaders and what were their leadership styles?
Could this task have been accomplished without cooperation?
What does effective cooperation look like?

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