“I behave ethically and honourably. I am honest, loyal and trustworthy. I am truthful and courageous. I stand up for what is right even when it is hard. I am a person of my word and people who know me understand that.”

Heros do not need to have superpowers but they are always courageous. Describe someone in your life that you consider a hero, someone with integrity (ethical, honourable, truthful, courageous, honest). Is the FindingLife team made up of heros?

Think about a time when you were faced with a difficult decision. Reflect on why you made the decision you did (either the unethical or ethical choice) and if you would change your behaviour knowing what you know now.

Students will read the five short stories listed on the following page. In cooperative teams, they will discuss what happened in each scenario, decide what they would have done in each incident, and give their rationale or reason(s) for their decisions. There must be a consensus or unified decision of the team for each problem presented. After each team presents its decisions, compare them. Have a dialogue about any decisions that were different and the reasons why.

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Writing Assignment...

Have students create a “Choose your own adventure” story based on ethical decision making.
Using Kidspirations or SMART Ideas, have students map out their story and the consequences of ethical vs. unethical decisions.
Students create a story where readers make decisions on how the character should behave and turn to the appropriate page to see the outcome of their choice. Students can create a hardcopy book or one using SMART Notebook software where the decisions are linked to other pages in the file.

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