The Arts
- Find Kenyan music and try to identify the instruments and recreate the sound
- Research different African instruments, what do they look like? Sound like?
- Using a Kenyan rhythm, create your own lyrics to a song

- Choreograph a dance to Kenyan music
- Find an African dance instructor and invite them into the class
- Learn to move like African animals by watching videos of them in the wild and interpreting their movements

- Recreate the Kenya 2011 adventure through a script and act it out
- Role play various scenarios that call on you to act with integrity
- Write and perform a play of Kenyans visiting Canada for the first time.

Visual Arts
- Create a mosaic of photos of people from around the world
- Digitally edit a photo of yourself to show you climbing a mountain
- Create your own character chart using images that represent different character traits
- Make crafts to sell to raise money for Moving Mountains
- Create posters to inform your school of the events surrounding the Kenya 2011

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