Character Development
Recent shifts in public education have recognized the value in educating students about character development in order to become intrinsically-motivated, positive contributors to society. As educators, we recognize the importance of modelling character for our students and believe in supporting them on their jounrey of character growth.

The Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa is designed to help students better understand and develop strong moral character. As students on the expedition face challenges and undergo new experiences on the African continent, we hope other students around the world will take the opportunity to self-reflect and participate in group discussions in their local classrooms. By following the webisodes and reading team members' daily blogs, students will be able to observe firsthand how these challenges are being overcome. We hope students will see team members grow and develop their own moral character, allowing us to connect the pillars of Character Education with real people and real events.

As a model, FindingLife has highlighted ten character traits. These traits have been developed by, and are being used with permission from, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board,in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each of the ten traits have a suggested class activity, writing assignment and reflection question. As this expedition is unscripted and will be broadcast in real-time, these educational resources serve as a guideline only.

On behalf of the teachers at FindlingLife, we hope these suggestions will spark further ideas for additional classroom activities that coincide with the daily adventures of the FindingLife team in Kenya.

Character Traits
Introduction to Character Traits

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