Introducing the Character Traits
Class Activity:
Students select a character from a favorite book or story, fictional or nonfictional, or perhaps someone from the FindingLife Team (ex: students could view webisodes from Elia's Everest 2010 adventure). Have students create a list of the character traits they see exhibited and explain how these traits helped them cope with adversity and succeed in spite of difficulties they may have encountered.

For part 2,students can create two columns.In column 1 have students list the obstacle or issue that the character had to confront. In column 2, students can write the trait that helped the character emerge successfully.After completing the columns, allow time for students to analyze each character's traits and compare it with others. Students will begin to see how various character traits contribute to growth and success.

Self Reflection:
Have students list an obstacle or situation they have experienced and write about how specific character traits helped them solve problems or deal with the situation.

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