Curriculum Connections

Past adventures have shown that students are genuinely excited about FindingLife expeditions and come up with imaginative ideas that they are passionate about while participating here at home! As teachers you have a tremendous ability to help facilitate and guide students on their FindingLife journey.

There are a tremendous number of ways for you to cover curriculum expectations through particpating in FindingLife expedtions. There is no limitation to how creative you can be in linking projects to the various subject areas. Participating as a class doesn’t need to be an "add on" to the curriculum and your already busy schedule, it can be the means of flfillling curriculum expectations, and the best part is, students will never forget to do their homework because they are so excited about the project.If your students want to hold a bake sale or car wash to raise money for students in Solio through Moving Mountains Trust, great! Now you can use that sale to cover Math (counting money, budgeting for supplies, etc.), Language Arts (writing letters to the local paper to advertise, designing posters, etc.) and Visual Arts. We have included a list of ideas to help spark connections to the curriculum with FindingLife. If you have other ideas that worked well with your class, please share them with us and we will be happy to add them to our website! We also invite you to visit one school's story to see the many ways they connected the curriculum to the Everest Expedition and made the FindingLife experience part of their daily routine.

Major Project Ideas
Language Arts
French as a Second Language
Science and Technology
Social Studies
The Arts
Health and Physical Education

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