The Kenyan diet has a lot of carbohydrates. The most common dish is Ugali. It is a mixture of maize corn and water - very easy to make and is basically a tasteless food. Kenyans use it in a stew so the beef and vegetables give it taste.
Kenyans eat a lot of vegetables, especially Kale (Sukuma wiki) due to its availability and cheap price. It is translated as “Push the week". Kenyans eat Sukuma Wiki from Monday to Saturday. If they are lucky, they may have meat on Sunday.

There are 42 tribes in Kenya and each one has a prefered or favourite meal.
Check out the Tribes of our six Kenyan students participating on the Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa below.

Cecilia, Samuel, Charles and Eunice - ?Tribe

Their preferred meal is Githeri - a mixture of maize and beans.
The major tribes: (Cecilia, Samuel, Mbugua, Eunice) Kikuyu, Embu, Meru like Githeri – a mixture of maize and beans
Felix - Luo Tribe
Their preferred meal is Tilapia fish or omena – small fish with Ugali.

Freda - Luhya Tribe
Their preferred meal is chicken and vegetables with Ugali.

Some foods are eaten on specific occasions. Read on:
- After climbing Mt. Kenya a goat or sheep will be slaughtered as a thank you to the Kikuyu god who is believed to be living on Mt Kenya.
- For weddings, there has to be Pilau rice (spicy) originally a favourite for the Swahili community on the coast of Kenya.
- Birthday meals vary as they depend on the availability of money. Some may have a proper cake with cream, etc., while others will have an Ugali cake with food colouring on top.
- Parties are not in full swing unless there is soda or fruit juice.
- Some Nairobians love nyama chomo or roasted beef for any special occasion.

Kenyans love tea (known as Chai). As it is grown locally, anytime is tea time!!

Local vegetables in Kenya include kale, spinach, terere, cauliflower, and red and white cabbage.
Most of Kenya is very fertile which enables them to have subsistent farming as well as horticultural farming. Kenyans grow local vegetables and fruit including pineapple, avocado, banana, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, pear and apple. They also grow beans, maize, rice, millet, sorgarm and some nuts like peanuts and cashews.

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