Ideas for your Classroom/School
Fundraising can be a challenge for teachers, students and parents alike. Parents are asked for money from every angle and we want to be respectful of their situation. The following is a collection of alternative (and classic) fundraising ideas.
Feel free to combine and customize these ideas to suit the needs of your community. Remember that one of the goals of participating in the FindingLife - Together We're Moving Mountains project is for the students to be engaged at all times - make sure to include your students in the decision making, planning and implementation stages!

Introducing the Project
As an introduction to the Kenya project, host a movie night where you show the parents the FindingLife Everest 2010 saga. Charge admission, buy some pop or water and pop lots of popcorn that can be sold during the performance. Students can showcase their research on Kenya and Moving Mountains and inform their parents on the school’s future projects and fundraising goals.

Barbecue - During a school event, barbecue hot dogs and sell them to anyone attending your event. As an alternative, sell hotdogs to the entire school for lunch. Ask your local grocery store to provide the supplies at a discounted rate to increase your profits.

Sports tournament - Organize a basket-ball/volleyball/ball hockey tournament in the school, have the students register teams ($5) and then charge admission to come and see the games ($1).

Spaghetti Dinner/Pancake Breakfast - Have the students organize a night where they cook and serve a spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast to their family and friends. Ask your local supermarket for discounts on the supplies and borrow pots/pans from parents. Food can be made ahead during the school day and kept warm in the oven.

Garage Sale - Ask students and parents to donate old items to the school and hold a giant garage sale open to the public.

Cash for Cartridges - Collect any empty printer cartridges and received up to $1/cartridge. Environmentally friendly, no selling required, free pickup.

Independent Sales
50/50 raffle - During a school event(ex. parent-teacher night) sell tickets for $2 or 3/$5 (tickets can be purchased at Staples or the Dollar Store) or have students sell tickets to their family members at home. Have a draw where the winning ticket gets half of all of the money raised.

Bake Sale - Ask parents to bake goodies to sell to students at lunch hour.

Cookbook creation and sales - ask the students to bring in their favourite recipe from home. The students can now assemble the recipes into a cookbook and sell them back to the parent community.

Coupon Book - As a class, compose a letter to local businesses and shops asking for discounts that can be included in a coupon booklet. Have the students create coupons and compile into a 1 page document that can be sold by the students

External Sales Ideas*
There are lots of external companies that provide fundraising solutions. The following is a list of websites to explore for external sales help.
*Please note that we do not endorse any of these companies or ideas. They have been compiled as a reference to help your fundraising efforts.

Kernels Popcorn Why not sell some popcorn at home to eat while watching Elia and the FindingLife team climb Mount Kenya?

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Can’t get these doughnuts near you? Try selling them to raise money for Moving Mountains.

Mom's Pantry - food solutions, earn up to 40% on products sold - everything imaginable! Canadian owned and operated.

DFS Canada - Catalogue sales of a variety of items from chocolate to wrapping paper.

Eco-Friendly Products - Sell eco-friendly products to support the environment and Moving Mountains.

First Canada Fundraising - A trusted name in school sales.

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