Language Arts
- Read the FindingLife Blogs as shared, guided or independent reading and have a class discussion on the content
- Set up a class blog to track your FindingLife progress and share it with the world (
- Create a class Twitter account to document and share what you are up to on a daily basis with family, friends and other FindingLife followers.
- Create an adventure timeline
- Write articles for a “class magazine”
- Draft letters to potential donors/suppliers for fundraising support
- Practice mountaineering spelling lists or travel vocabulary
- Use our Character Development Reflection questions to craft written responses
- Summarize the Together We're Moving Mountains adventure in a comic strip (ComicLife Software)
- Publish a book on the adventure and sell it as part of a fundraiser (Blurb)
- Write a story about a trip to Africa. What would you pack?
- Design a Facebook Page for one of the FindingLife team members. Who would be posting on their wall? What would their status update be?
- Team up with another FindingLife school and become penpals to share your fundraising and project ideas.
- Tackle some of the books on our reading list

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